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COMET: call to hospitals

Wednesday, 08/04/2020

Erasmus MC has started an investigation in collaboration with Digitalis Rx into the influence of medication on the clinical course of COVID-19. Data from patients in European hospitals are analyzed using Clinical Rules. Calling all hospitals: participate in this study!


POC eLab succesfully completed

Wednesday, 02/01/2013

The technical Proof of Concept (POC) using the electronic patient file (Landelijk Schakelpunt, or LSP) was conducted with validated patients and successfully completed on 31 January 2013. The process proved that a patient can be registered using a pharmacy with a unique health care professional identifier (Unieke Zorgverlener Identificatie-certificaat/pas) to gain access to the LSP. The medication file, lab reports and (if available) details regarding intolerance, allergies and contraindications, can be obtained.